Standard Health Plan

General Information and Requirements for all Applicants & Participants

The Policy, which includes the “SHIC Application & Change of Circumstance Form” and “Policy Rules & Conditions” document, and any amendment agreed to in writing, may not be changed or any provisions waived unless agreed to in writing by the CEO or CFO of CINICO.

All New Applicants, and Participants with changes to their existing coverage, must complete the CINICO “SHIC Application & Change of Circumstance Form”.
Premiums are subject to increase with a minimum of 30 Days’ notice.

Premiums are payable monthly in advance, and are due on the 1st day of every month.
If a Participant fails to pay premiums within 30 days of the due date or the policy lapses for any reason not authorized, the Participant’s policy will automatically be terminated.
The Participant will ONLY be able to re-activate a terminated policy under both of the following conditions:

For each and every reactivation, a New “SHIC Application & Change of Circumstance Form” must be completed along with any required information, and a reinstatement fee must be paid in the amount of KYD $200.00 for the first reactivation and KYD $300.00 for every subsequent occurrence.

The currency of the Policy and any quoted Premiums is in Cayman Islands Dollars.
This policy is only available to Legal Residents of the Cayman Islands.
All Applicants are subject to individual risk rating.

Failure to disclose relevant details or giving misleading information on any formal communication to CINICO may cause your application as well as your Insurance coverage to be deemed null and void.

A Self-Termination letter or notice from the member must be received by CINICO at a minimum of 10 days prior to the 1st day of the next month. (Post-marked envelopes with 10 days prior are also acceptable as valid notice).

Plan Participation

Participation is available to residents of the Cayman Islands. Legal Resident Spouses, Children & Dependent Offspring may enroll in this plan.

New Plan Participants 

  1. All proposed Participants must submit a fully completed application form, as well as any other information to CINICO.  
  2. CINICO will assess the application form and any other information, and a decision will be made as to whether the proposed Participant will be accepted for coverage.  
  3. CINICO will advise the proposed Primary Plan Participant of their decision.
  4. The proposed Plan Participant will then be required to pay the proposed premium within 30 days in order to bind coverage.  All coverage will be effective from the first day of the month within the 30 day period.
  5. Upon receipt of the binding payment, CINICO will produce and distribute CINICO cards for the Plan Participants.  

Existing Plan Participants 

Plan Participants must notify CINICO immediately of changes to their circumstance or that of their Dependents impacting eligibility for Plan benefits. 

The Standard Health Insurance Contract (SHIC) 2013 Plan became effective March 1st, 2013 with the Legislation of the Health Insurance Law revision 2013. The “New SHIC (2013)” Plan is the minimum “Prescribed Health Care Benefits” available under the law.

SHIC (2013) Medical Benefits

DescriptionNEW SHIC (2013)
Maximum Lifetime Benefit Amount$1,000,000 Cayman Islands Dollars
Maximum Calendar Year$100,000 Cayman Islands Dollars
Maximum Per Medical Incident$100,000 Cayman Islands Dollars
(Inpatient Services)
Coinsurance20% up to the first $5,000
Out-of-Pocket$1,000 Max. OOP after which CINICO will pay all Inpatient and Ambulatory benefits up to the maximum.

Benefits and Covered Conditions

DescriptionNEW SHIC (2013)
Maximum Lifetime Benefit Amount$1,000,000 Cayman Islands Dollars

Covered Charges

All covered expenses are payable subject to a fee schedule or negotiated rate.

DescriptionNEW SHIC (2013)
Emergency Medical Services (inclusive of emergent medication, drugs, and ambulance)100% up to $4,000 per policy year
Air Ambulance for “life or limb” threatening emergency Medical Airfare for “life or limb”100% up to $15,000 per policy year
Prescription Drugs: Including contraceptives and contraceptive devices & Insulin available by prescription only* 80% up to $400 (CIHSA, Local Providers and Overseas Providers with CMO approval)

*CINICO is responsible for 80% of approved services up to the KYD $400 ($320). Member responsible for KYD $80

  1. Emergency means a sudden or unexpected occurrence or event causing a threat to life or limb.
  2. All Non-CIHSA emergency admissions must be certified by contacting CINICO within 48 hours from the date of service.
Standard Health Insurance Contract (SHIC) PLAN
Health Insurance Policy Application Form